Monday, February 19, 2007


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Maya said...

Well, these simple pictures which you can see here have got a complicated story. So they have been taking in February, at a sunny weekend. My sister has had an idea to cycle to the lake "Morassee", so we have done it by a roundabout route considering the nice day. After 2 hours we arrived at Fertőrákos (that's the name of the small village near the lake). Than we cycled to the lake, where my sister realised that the batteries were run down... So we had to cycle back to the village to find a shop which is open at Saturday at noon...We arrived at home az 16:30.

A day after that my sister asked our parents to give her a lift to take other photos, so the whole family was mobilized... :)

P.S.: by way of compensation I have got one and a half pieces of yogurt :) That was kind of her.