Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cycle Safety Campaign

I've read about the government's new cycle safety campaign already but I was not prepared to be participant of it. I ride to work every day with my beautiful black male Treck bike along the Regent Canal. Today I met with a group of policemen next to the Victoria Park (first I was a little bit scare because of "Him") . The guys asked me some questions about the riding rules along the Canal. I could answer all of them excellently (well, the routine...) so I got a cup of tea with croissant and a nice new bell. I was very happy about it because my old one is not loud enough and everybody who takes the way along the Canal knows that you definitely need a loud one because of the tunnels. Part of the campaign was the possibility of a free bike-examination and bike registration in the police database - which really nice possibility I just skipped...

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