Thursday, March 27, 2008

New London Architecture

Who can wake up early on Wednesday can take part on the morning talks organized by NLA. The last talk was about the sustainable urban regeneration of the main estate of the Elephant & Castle.

"The £1.5 billion regeneration of Elephant and Castle is an ambitious urban redevelopment programme transforming one of London's oldest and most infamous areas.

Currently best known for its high rise estates, labyrinth subways, busy roads and red shopping centre, Southwark Council's £1.5 billion, 170-acre programme promises a massive new pedestrianised town centre, market square, green spaces and thousands of new homes and jobs."

With research about possible sustainable sources on the particular area, with plans for 10 years, with collaboration with universities, etc, etc. Was really positive. Hopefully they will publish the event on the website later on.

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